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During the course of his professional carreer, Stewart Sutton has worked for The Aerospace Corporation, Ford Aerospace, SAIC, Cap Gemini Ernst & Young, and a smattering of dot-com startups. With a total of 30 years experience in product development, project management, and technology consulting, Stewarts professional existence has been rooted in technology. He also maintains an active research position at the University of California Irvine’s Bren School of Information and Computer Science where he collaborates with faculty and graduate students in the field of Informatics. Stew has a B.S. in Electro-Optical Sciences and a M.S. in Computer Systems Engineering from The University of Houston.

Stewart is influenced by several things. Being surrounded by technology from an early age, gave him a different perspective on the world. As a kid growing up in Texas, Stewart experienced a very different mix of community. The “tech community” that contributed to the first man on the moon was his hometown. The stuff of NASA and space travel and having your school buddies Dad be “up in space” while your Dad worked on parts of the “spacecraft” provided an environment of high achievement where nothing seemed impossible. That culture and community encouraged study in science and engineering. Stewart and many of his childhood friends studied science and engineering so that they could know how it all worked.

The desire to explore and understand how things work continues today, but the focus has shifted to the topic of knowledge, and the economy of knowledge transactions. As in his formative years, Stewart finds himself surrounded by many leading thinkers and practioners. It is Stewart’s desire to faithfully integrate the perspectives of others and integrate that opinion into a dialog that invites conversation and reflection.

Presently, Stewart leads Knowledge Management and information technology based innovation initiatives for The Aerospace Corporation; a 4000 employee Federally Funded Research and Development Center headquartered in Los Angeles, CA. He has initiated multiple strategic initiatives addressing interactive media, advanced satellite groundstation analysis environments, and knowledge stewardship. Work in recent years has been oriented toward ongoing technology innovation with emphasis toward mobile computing, concurrent collaboration, and enterprise innovation management. Stewart initiated corporate blogs, wikis and early stage social platforms in 2005 before the buzz. Today that mix of information technology is morphing again as the emphasis on social computing intersects with increasingly demanding enterprise security requirements and ongoing concerns surrounding attention management within the enterprise.


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