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Secular Higher Education – Hostile to Truth September 1, 2010

Posted by stewsutton in Theology.

Some aspects of a secular higher education are not openly hostile to the truth of the written word of God represented in the Holy Bible. They can make statements that infer “we really don’t know” or “there are multiple viewpoints here…” I guess that is why simple mathematics is such a safe discipline to study in college in relationship to the instructional content.

In going through a college freshman text on cultural anthropology authored by Gena Hollander, I came across several sections that put hard *against* the truth. One section is particularly hostile in its portrayal of the origins of language diversity. On page 111 it shows an illustration of the Tower of Babel described in the Book of Genesis (first book of the Bible). The tower it explains “symbolizes an ancient West Asian myth about the origins of language diversity.” Of course there are continuing sections that compare human language with the sounds that animals make and attempt to connect the two actions – inferring some for of evolutionary connection.

Chapter 8 on Sex and Marriage is equally hostile to the truth. It defines marriage as a culturally sanctioned union between “two or more people.” Of course those that study the truth of this world understand that marriage is between a man and a woman and it is sanctioned by God as a union between the opposite sex – creating a bond for life. Other chapters go on to describe how it is “common” to divorce these days and how it is becoming more “culturally acceptable.” This is truly a sad state of affairs. Not only is there an obvious falling away from the truth given to us by our Creator, but there is an aggressive attempt to teach that this is acceptable behavior.

Let’s pray for better understanding and curriculum that is not hostile to the real truth.