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Event Networks October 15, 2010

Posted by stewsutton in Collaboration, Communications, Community, Information Technology.

The buzz continues within the enterprise around blogging, microblogging, and wiki’s. Now we are seeing a compound buzz (if there is such a thing) in relationship to how all this works nicely as a coordinated set. There are several commercial products out there that were built in the “suite” approach for that very reason. IBM Connections, the latest release of Microsoft Sharepoint (SharePoint 2010), and Jive to name a few. There are also open source software “suites” like ELGG that one can consider also. So what do all these suites do that is so interesting?

What the current crop of “suite” approaches in the social software / social media / social computing arena are pointed at is the gold mine of enterprise event streams. Getting the population off their further entrenched addiction to mobile email and out into open aggregated communications channels where these communications in combination with their enterprise activities (events) are also recorded and routed into event channels is the new frontier.

Placing these event aggregation tools in the path of work is essential. It allows us to more efficiently share expertise and to discover expertise when needed. As the push and pull toward these event networks becomes more commonplace, then our collective efficiency may further improve quality and performance in wiring the right information to the right person at the right time for the right reasons.