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Who – What – Where – When – Why of KM September 30, 2009

Posted by stewsutton in Information Policy, Knowledge Management.

Call it the W5 if you like… The key attributes of a digital asset strategy. I like to simplify things and this is my attempt to provide a simple framework for all of the key elements associated with digital information management. Let’s do a simple “unpack” of the top-level terms and let’s further assume that the digital assets are really enterprise knowledge assets.

  • Who – knowledge author, knowledge custodian, knowledge consumers
  • What – knowledge content, knowledge context, knowledge authority
  • Where – knowledge location, knowledge access procedures, knowledge update process
  • When – knowledge date of origin, knowledge date of filing, knowledge date of modification
  • Why – knowledge reason for being, knowledge benefit, knowledge value

So let W5 guide your KM digital asset planning.


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