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Your 3 Profiles September 17, 2009

Posted by stewsutton in Community, Knowledge Management.

Everybody has three profiles:

  1. Personal Profile – what they share on facebook with family and friends…
  2. Corporate Profile – the “brand” and personality they project inside their company
  3. Professional Profile – the professional skills and competency that transcend corporate associations

How do these profiles intersect and border each other?  What pressures force these profiles to merge?  Can these profiles be managed separately or do we attempt to simplify to a “personal” and a “work” profile?


1. Bill Dixon - October 22, 2009

At work, there is a document in our Wiki which we hope to build collaboratively that is titled “How to get the most from Social Networking Tools”. As I have socialized the topic, several people volunteered they have multiple profiles in Facebook and other social networking tools. In this context, many of us do segregate our behaviors into “personal” and “work/professional” buckets. However, I like the concept of a person’s resultant corporate profile being a product of their personal and professional profiles in action.

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