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Technology Trends June 2009 June 26, 2009

Posted by stewsutton in Information Technology.
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There are some technology trends that are happening so quickly that it is becoming increasingly difficult to map an organizational strategy to capitalize on continuous variation without sacrificing some performance toward  organizational targets.

Consider the following arenas where technology is accelerating quickly:

  1. The cell phone has become a handheld computer that just happens to make phone calls as one of its core functions
  2. This is giving rise to rapid growth in mobile computing – but not the sort of computing you might imagine on a PC with a tiny screen – an integration of services fro the “cloud” is stitched together under the innovative interface of the mobile platform
  3. Cloud computing and social software services are going hand-in-hand to establish and refine the next-generation information channels.  Will we be using Twitter in a couple of years?  Time will tell.  The ability to follow many individuals and broadcast “social status updates” to hundreds and thousands of “followers” with a simple email message is an example of the “new-gen info tech meeting with the legacy information technology.
  4. Hardware device innovation and design-to-market cycles are shrinking to under one year for sophisticated information technology systems – especially consumer-based information technology products.
  5. Another parallel innovation and rapid product cycle innovation is the service focus of the current advanced mobile platform offerings.  Smartphones are not currently selected by consumers based entirely on the technical specifications of the phone, but rather the quality of service integration.  Specifically for today that emphasis is directed toward the social software stack integraiton.


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