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Olli-Pekka Kallasvuo – CEO of Nokia May 27, 2009

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olli-pekka-kallasvuoSo a lot of chatter about market share – financing growth and innovation in a down economy…

A few years ago you did not have the competition of the Apple iPhone or the Google Phone… It’s different today isnt it?  – Yes the marketplace is expanding and there are more choices out there…

With a 36 percent market share, Nokia is the world’s largest mobile phone maker – what is it doing today and you don’t have a strong reputation as a software company and that has been a big part of the competition in the handheld computer market (like Google and Apple).

That is a fair statement – Our focus has not been there toward software in years past – we are moving to a more open approach.  We are acquiring lots of companies to help us out with our gaps.

Symbian is your operating system – lots of apps from a previous era – turned it over to an “open source” community where Nokia only has only one vote. – Why would we buy a property like a phone O/S and then give it away to the open source community?

Look at a new device – this is the newest handheld computer – what carriers will this be on?  – This will be introduced into the “open channel” – cost of about $699.00 since there is not a carrier obligation.

Demo of the N97 phone – this is the cool new toy from Nokia.  A next generation mobile computer / phone that is designed to compete with the Blackberry and iPhone and Gphone.

Video (it will play flash)

Battery life – it lasts a whole day with heavy usage.

Apps will be available through the OVi store.

The photo application supports MMS and has built in Twitter, Facebook, and Flickr support.

During the demo of the music features in the N97. MP3 player, FM radio, music store, stereo speaker support, built-in FM transmitter to stream music to your car, Bluetooth streaming to your headset also.

Text-to-speech AND speech-to-text available in the e-mail application.

3D maps and turn-by-turn mapping ( Nokia owns NavTec).

Nokia N97


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