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D7 – MySpace Update by Jon Miller and Owen Van Natta May 27, 2009

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duo-miller-van-nattaJon Miller and Owen Van Natta

So how is it going at MySpace and why are you guys running this show?

Told story of what it is like when you go to pick up your “towed car” in NYC.  The window says – “This person did not tow your car and if you cooperate you will get your car back faster.”

That was the comment that the new CEO made with respect to the “fixup” of the MySpace property since MySpace has gone cold: It is losing its audience to Facebook and other sites (LinkedIn, Plaxo, etc.)

A 131 million visitors to MySpace last month – it is still a significant web property.

When the new leaders look at MySpace they see it as a huge platform to “build on”

Music is a huge part of the MySpace experience.  This is a big differentiator with other social media sites.  Walt’s kids (musicians) had pages on MySpace. But they don’t really go there anymore.

Has MySpace become too narrowly focused on Band Promotion?

MySpace is also “big” on video

So it seems that MySpace is focused on the “noisy” aspects of social media?

MySpace needs an improved user experience that is part of a core “re-design” – a design that is responsible to shifting user needs – When you go to MySpace you are almost “attacked” by the media there!


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