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CEO of RIM – Technology “Closeness” May 27, 2009

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mike-lazaridisMike Lazaridis, CEO of RIM

The market has shifted from the early days of the Blackberry – When it was sufficient to provide corporate email on your hip.  Today it’s about getting close to the consumer and offering the various services that they value.

On the economy – When things are tough and the economy is rough – that is the best time to start a business or to grow a business – adopt to the change underway – invest properly – invest in education, higher learning, research, (these are indispensable)

But RIM is not taking in the same amounts of money that it would be if we were not in an economic downturn —

RIM “knew” this market was coming – at first we had to disguise these things as “pagers” since it would be a “transition” to get folks to use these more powerful devices as an everyday thing.

iPhone as competitor… Explosion of Apps and Downloads

What’s interesting for RIM is that it is increasing consumer appetite for more advanced communications services.

There is clearly a transition to smart phones (with all the buzz)

The number of calls and emails after the launch of the Blackberry App Store has just exploded.

Apple brought discovery of the applications into a single experience – a single store

Competition – Window’s mobile, Apple, Palm, Nokia?

For the longest time RIM has been perfecting the experience of “push email” – that built a strong reputation within the enterprise.  That is where RIM makes tremendous investments.  At the birth of the blackberry – talks with CEO’s attempted to share the vision of push email – CEO’s said it better be secure, scalable, and manageable.

How does the open API thing fight with the “closed secure” approach that RIM has taken?

So much emphasis on security – do developers have access to what they need?

Business, govt., law enforcement, etc. – are sensitive to security concerns – things are far more sensitive today than in the past.  There are independent security qualifications that are global.

The “consumer focus” with attention on Apps – against the Blackberry “fortress platform”?

There is a difference (a dicipline) to build

A “single device” (not a business device and a separate device for consumer) – people don’t want two devices???

Business forces that there are 2 devices in some cases –  (a topic that was not addressed here).

What happened to the “Blackberry Storm”??? – the multitouch screen that “clicked” was a big innovation – there are lots of examples of where shurepress and suretype have been having problems – RIM is committed to improving these products – believes that they are pretty good – The CEO is dancing a bit instead of admitting that the products were lacking and that they are working on improvements now.

E-books are inevitable – there are also more opportunities for dedicated devices like the Kindle and others that focus on specific customer infomation needs.


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